Brookside Church's facilities.

Gym, a Large Venue that can seat 150, a Medium Venue that can seat 45* with a kitchen service window, a Kitchen, a Coffee Shop, a Cafe Seating area, and several classrooms with a Sanctuary that can seat 450.


Classroom Fees

The fee for each classroom is $50 per hour.


Venues 1305 & 1306 Fees

The fee for using Venues 1305 & 1306  is $50 per hour.


Gym Fees

The gym and locker room fee is $50 per hour.


Sanctuary Fees

The fee for using the Sanctuary is $550 per day.


Cafe Seating Fees

The fee for using the Cafe Seating area is $50 per hour.


Cafe Fees

The fee for using the Coffee Shop is $50 per hour and does not include supplies.


Other Fees

Other staffing fees may apply, including Cleaning, Tech, Security, Kitchen use, and Snow Removal.