About Us

At Brookside Church you’ll find a group of real people learning to follow Jesus together and we believe everyone is welcome as they are to explore the good life Jesus so frequently teaches about. 

The church is not a building or a weekend event but a people. We aim to live out the Gospel in our cities throughout the week in Groups and gather together each weekend as a collection of believers, a family, celebrating together, worshiping together and sitting under the authority of Scripture together at our Sunday Gatherings. 

From the parking lot to kids check-in, to grab a cup of coffee, you’ll find a community of people who are genuinely glad you’re here!


Brookside builds Jesus-centered homes through healthy relationships, which result in Gospel-saturated communities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help people find their way back to Jesus. God created us to be in perfect relationship with Him. Sin caused that relationship to be broken and has caused us to stray away from Him. Wherever we are currently at in our relationship with God, whether we are Jesus-followers or not, we need to continue to find our way back to a perfect relationship with Jesus.

How It All Started

Brookside Church opened its doors in 1958 on the northeast side of Fort Wayne. It was started as a church plant from another Fort Wayne church known as the Evangelical Mennonite Church. Initially located in what is known as the former Griswold farmhouse, a small chapel was built on St. Joe Road in 1959 for a whopping $37,450 (a lot of money at the time, but you can pay more for a car these days).


Brookside constantly grew over the years, adding more members, more staff, and eventually needing more space. Our current location on Evard Road was built in 1975, and in 1996 the name was changed from Brookside Evangelical Mennonite Church to Brookside Community Church.

Whats Next?

Community, relationships, and missions have been the foundational interests of Brookside Church since the beginning. Kid's ministries, various adult ministries, and numerous outreach ministries have brought countless numbers to faith over the last 60 years. But we have more work to do. And so we keep moving forward towards Jesus-centered everything.


Lead Pastor


Community Pastor


Worship Pastor