Brookside Church is a faith-based organization with a mission to build Jesus-centered homes through healthy relationships which result in Gospel-saturated communities. We welcome any event on our campus planned by an internal ministry, volunteer leader within our congregation, or a like-minded organization within our community.

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To best serve our congregation, we uphold the following policy regarding events we will host and/or promote. 
Considerations for Brookside Church and Other Ministries 1. Application is filled out 6-8 weeks before the event.2. Does our master calendar accommodate the dates requested?3. How does the event fit with Brookside's ministry, values, and mission?4. Will the event compete with similar ministries already scheduled?5. Do we have the resources to carry out the request (space, personnel, etc.)? 6. Should we encounter conflicts or concerns, we will propose adjustments to the event, or in some cases, we may decline the request. 7. While we may agree to host an event, we may decline to promote the event. 
We do not use Brookside channels to promote community groups or private events unless these events partner with Brookside (i.e., Senior Adult Luncheon, Brookside Women's Ministry, Outreach, etc.) and essentially become a Brookside-sponsored event. 


Groups, Sporting Events, & Private Events
Because we desire to be good neighbors and to build healthy relationships within our community, we host outside community groups and private events when possible. Approval of these events is subject to considerations listed above and below. We want to serve you well! If we cannot do that, we will decline the request or work with you to find a different time to allow your event to take place at Brookside. 
Groups include HOAs, staff meetings for outside organizations, etc. Sporting Events are those requesting the use of our gym or outdoor space. Private Events include parties, showers, reunions, etc. (Weddings and memorials are a separate approval process, and that information can be found at 


Due to our full ministry schedule, we host a limited number of private events. When requesting an event, please keep the following in mind:  1. Private events will be approved no less than five weeks before the event and no more than three months in advance. This is to give priority to Brookside ministries. 2. For private events, there will be a fee associated with the use of our building, including a deposit. 3. A full refund may be given if an event is canceled within 48 hours of booking the event. 4. All fees are non-refundable if canceled within 30 days of the event. 5. We can only reserve space once the request is approved and appropriate paperwork and fees are turned into the office. 6. We reserve the right to require a security officer to be present at large events at the expense of the individuals requesting the event. 
Brookside Church cannot approve requests for events that fit any of the following descriptions: 
1. A for-profit event or fundraiser that promotes an outside organization or advances a personal business. This does NOT include fundraisers where Brookside ministries invite outside vendors for a mutually-beneficial venture that facilitates the deposit of ministry-focused dollars into Brookside designated accounts. This DOES include efforts where one person/group is the sole beneficiary, their business is the primary recipient of the funds generated, and their business network is expanded. 2. Personal Businesses such as music lessons, product parties, and fitness classes – unless the event is fully sanctioned and supported by a Brookside ministry. In those instances, the request would need to come from that ministry. 3. An event that promotes an organization or lifestyle that embodies beliefs contrary to our doctrine and/or position on social issues. 4. An outside organization’s event that does not readily align with our ministry calendar, values, and mission.