On this episode of Church Unscripted, our pastors discuss the challenges of parenting, protecting, and sheltering kids. They explore the balance between exposing children to the world and maintaining their purity, creating a culture of curiosity, and disciplining kids with love and grace. They also share personal stories of handling difficult situations and the importance of preparing kids to make wise decisions when they are exposed to opposing viewpoints in the world we live in. Join us as we delve into the complexities of parenting in today's world.

In this episode of Church Unscripted, our pastors discuss various aspects of implementing and pursuing God's vision in their lives. Pastor Eric emphasizes the importance of taking small steps towards a goal, eliminating distractions that hinder important tasks, and seeking discretion. They talk about the costs associated with pursuing a vision, external pressure from the enemy, taking preparation time, and knowing God's timing. This episode also covers the importance of keeping family as a priority while pursuing the vision God has given you. They share personal experiences, mistakes, and how to avoid planning God out of the vision. Finally, the episode concludes by talking about the unrealistic expectations we may have, and how to overcome them.