In this episode of Church Unscripted, Pastors Eric, John, and Yul dive into some thought-provoking topics. They explore the complexities of sin, offering a fresh perspective on acceptance and understanding. With heartfelt anecdotes and biblical insights, they address the importance of confession, forgiveness, and accountability in our lives. Join the conversation as they discuss the impact of sin, the power of God's word, and the pursuit of true identity in Jesus. You won't want to miss this eye-opening and inspiring episode!


In this episode of Church Unscripted, Pastor David, Courtney, and Pastor John dive into the power and impact of the Word of God in our lives. They share personal experiences and insights on how to make Scripture come alive, foster a love for the Word in our families, and find a balance between discipline and grace. Tune in as they discuss the transformative nature of the Word, the importance of prioritizing it in our lives, and how it can lead to revitalization and change. Don't miss out on this inspiring and thought-provoking conversation.


In this episode of Church Unscripted, we dive into the importance of pursuing God with the same passion as pursuing a spouse in marriage. They explore the concept of God as a jealous God who desires our undivided attention, drawing parallels between Jacob's wrestling with God and our own pursuit of God's purpose in our lives. From the struggles of maintaining a close relationship with God to the impact of Satan's attacks, this episode tackles deep questions about faith, community, and humility.


In this episode of Church Unscripted, our pastors dive into the importance of addressing injustice and building a strong foundation before pursuing future goals. Drawing from the story of Nehemiah and their own experiences, they discuss discernment, the role of social media, and the need for personal growth before leading others. Prepare for a thought-provoking conversation on justice, timing, and what it looks like to trust in God's plan. Don't miss out on this enlightening episode.

In this episode of Church Unscripted, Pastors Eric, David, and Luke engage in a conversation about personal experiences of rebuilding after experiencing wounds and the importance of having relationships where others can speak Christ into us. The discussion also includes the balance between avoiding legalism and promoting spiritual disciplines, staying focused and united in the face of outside distractions and oppositions, and practical examples of following God's vision and purpose.

On this episode of Church Unscripted, our pastors discuss the challenges of parenting, protecting, and sheltering kids. They explore the balance between exposing children to the world and maintaining their purity, creating a culture of curiosity, and disciplining kids with love and grace. They also share personal stories of handling difficult situations and the importance of preparing kids to make wise decisions when they are exposed to opposing viewpoints in the world we live in. Join us as we delve into the complexities of parenting in today's world.

On this episode of Church Unscripted, Pastor Eric and Pastor John discuss the importance of processing painful emotions. They emphasize that lament is a common experience, and it's essential to turn it into prayer for healing. They also discuss how to sit and linger in pain instead of numbing it and share personal experiences of dealing with macro and micro pain. They also talk about how to lead from within by having a Jesus-centered home and standing up for the glory of God. Additionally, they share the story of Courtney's intentional healing process and how mournful prayer can lead individuals to repentance and forgiveness. Tune in to learn how to process painful emotions, turn lament into prayer, and lead from within.

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