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Men's Fraternity

Men's Fraternity is Brookside's primary men's fellowship and discipleship outlet. Men's Fraternity is a nationwide program. Brookside men, and others all over the country, have been challenged to become the leaders they are called to be. Men at Brookside frequently report that this program has changed their lives. There are several different groups working through different levels of the curriculum.

  • 33 Groups- These groups are short-term, 6 week studies formed around the "33 The Series" program from Men's Fraternity. These groups require a limited commitment that allows men to get a feel for what Men's Fraternity is all about. Men will be challenged to think differently about masculinity, work, family, and relationships. Every guy should go through this series at some point in their time at Brookside. 33 Groups start and meet several times throughout the year. For information on when the next 33 group is meeting, call or text Matt Harmon (260)-750-4696; or e-mail mattharmon.
  • Men's Fraternity Year 1- A deep dive into the full Men's Fraternity Year 1 program, this 36 week course (The Quest for Authentic Manhood) will further challenge men to investigate what it means to be an authentic man and how to incorporate this new knowledge into their everyday lives. Equally important, too, men will be challenged alongside a group that is taking this powerful journey together. Lifelong relationships are built here: fulfilling our call as Christians to live in community. This group is currently meeting on Tuesday evenings at Brookside. For more information, call or text Jeff Shank (260)-820-3636; or e-mail jeffshank.
  • Men's Fraternity Year 2- A continuation of the concepts explored throughout year 1, this is the culmination of our Men's Fraternity program at Brookside. Winning at Work and Home, from Men's Fraternity, gives the tools needed to win in both arenas. Men will walk away from this two year journey equipped to lead in all the areas of their life in which they have influence. This group is currently meeting on Sunday mornings at Brookside. For more information, call or text Jeff Shank (260)-820-3636; or e-mail jeffshank.

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