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I am blessed that God placed me in a Christian home, where from the time I was a baby, I was taught about Jesus and his love for me. My parents modeled Christ and were active in church leadership and volunteering. As a small child, I attended a Child Evangelism class with my older sisters, and there understood that I was a sinner and accepted Jesus into my life. Through my school years, God kept pouring into my life, and I learned more about the Bible and His truth.
God continued to work in me, using parents, family, church friends, and four years at Bible College to develop spiritual growth. My life hasn’t been perfect, and I have struggled with sin, pain, and loss, but I have experienced the awesome truth of God’s forgiveness and grace. When I struggle with trying to feel valued and worthwhile, Jesus is there to remind me that I am complete and valued in Him.
My husband and I came to Brookside shortly after we were married i n 1982 and have been involved here ever since. I have a variety of functions in the office, mainly working with the Executive Director and Worship Pastor.After that 9 months I came back to Fort Wayne longing to reconnect to my community.  Over that next year I ended up getting plugged back in to the middle school ministry at my church as an intern for the whole year.  While at the same time working at H&M and going to Ivy Tech for my Associates in General Studies.  After that I had intended to pursue my Bachelors in Organizational Leadership at IPFW.  While close to finalizing my class for the next year, Josh King, my best friend, and your high school pastor, called me and encouraged me to interview for a job here a Brookside as the middle school pastor.  I felt under qualified and not ready, but he insisted that an interview wouldn’t hurt anything.  To much of my surprise God had something in store for me here at Brookside. I am now gratefully serving here at Brookside.  Although this journey has been long, and I have taken on a lot in life this past year, this job, new house, new car, wife, and now a beautiful baby girl.  I am constantly learning day by day in what it means to fully trust and surrender my life to Jesus. I am very thankful to be here with my Brookside family.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store  for us in the near future.

MY Hope For Brookside

My hope is that Brookside can be a place where people see that God loves them unconditionally and through Jesus, they can experience grace and freedom.