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I have heard several people give the metaphor that being a Christian is like a light switch.  You are either a Christian or you are not.  You are either on or you are off.  My story needs something else in this circuit of life: a dimmer switch. My earliest remembrance of “church” and “church things” was when I was in early elementary school.  My mom would get my two sisters and I ready for church and hustle us out the door.  Most Sundays, we walked in late, which after several years of trying, she finally gave up and said it was too hard to get us out the door and in theirs without it being an embarrassment.    

Fast forward a few years later, a move to Leo, and a new group of friends… I was invited to come to church with a friend and her family.  It was to a vacation bible school program they held during the summer.  I loved everything about it –the environment, the crafts, the friends I had made… it was all great.  Then, on the last day, I remember sitting in the basement of the church with my class as we prayed together.  The leaders prayed for us and asked that if we hadn’t accepted the Lord as our personal Savior, we could right then – and I did.  I still remember the feeling: the hair stood up on my arms.  I knew this was real and He was real.  The light was bright. Unfortunately, I didn’t always have a way to get to church.  I hitched a ride with my neighbors who so graciously took me whenever they could.  But the bright light and connection faded as I continued through middle school and into high school.
Not until my senior year, did I truly seek out a relationship with Jesus.  Not until my senior year, did I realize that Jesus was my healer, my encourager, my strength, and my hope.  From that point on, I wanted to live for Him.  I needed more of Him and could have easily gotten distracted with the new freedoms and changes in this season of life but decided I wasn’t going to let the light fade this time.  I chose to attend a Christian college so that I could be encouraged and uplifted in my faith for the next four years.

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways.  I married a man after God’s heart, I have two wonderful boys, both of my parents have come to have a relationship with Jesus, and my husband’s family are all an amazing example of Jesus’ love.

MY Hope For Brookside

Our light (relationship) with Jesus may brighten or dim within different seasons of life, but it is my hope that Brookside can be a place where we can walk alongside you and find the path to Jesus together.