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I grew up in a home where we went to church every Sunday and youth group every week, but outside of Sundays and youth group, talking about God and the Gospel was rare. As I got older, talking about God became more present in our house, especially around the time my mom got cancer. This was the moment our family realized the power and strength of Jesus was all that we had and all that we could rely on. This was a pivotal moment in my faith. I remember during this time I felt peace. It was so weird to me because every part of me wanted to be freaking out, but here I was at peace. Only God’s peace can surpass all understanding. This was the moment when I truly saw and felt God and when I clung to him—this was the beginning of making my faith my own.

I specifically remember my sophomore year of college, as I was attending PFW for elementary education, I was a middle school small group leader at Pathway and God spoke to me and told me I was going to be apart of that someday. And by “that” He meant children’s/youth ministry. I didn’t want to believe him. How could He want me to be in ministry especially because of my past? I fought with God about this for a solid month after He repeatedly kept speaking this over me. I finally surrendered and now here I am three years later, the Early Childhood Administrator at Brookside Church as well as a middle school small group leader at Brookside. I love how God so sweetly intertwined my love for kids and the church together.

MY Hope For Brookside

My hope for Brookside is that we can use the community that we have and expand that outside of the church.  I hope and pray that we continue to outstretch our arms to those who are different from us and welcome them in with the overflow of love from Jesus that is within us.