KELLEY Lothamer

Children's Director

Life Story

Being raised by a single mom is not uncommon, but that’s where my story begins. My parents divorced when I was an infant and my relationship with my father was distant at best. I struggled with intense anxiety each time my brother and I would go visit but could never put into words why I struggled so deeply.  It wasn’t until attending AWANA at a missionary church in New Haven that I truly found what my heart was longing for. I heard of this PERFECT, heavenly Father that not only loved me, but would never leave me or forsake me. To that 3rd grade little girl, those words were intoxicating. It wasn’t that my feelings of anxiety didn’t matter or weren’t valid. It was that I had an answer to my pain. Jesus would satisfy what my childhood lacked.
I accepted Jesus and threw myself into any Christian group or program I could find. My identity in Christ allowed me to work through disappointments as they came. I learned that I didn’t have to “work” for Jesus’ love. He loved me despite my failures and poor choices. There was nothing I could do to change the radical love I had accepted as a 3rd grade little girl.

Hope for brookside

It is my hope, that each and every person that steps inside of Brookside would experience the radical love of Jesus. I pray that they would find community here and live out our desire of “doing life together.”