Take the Responsibility and Model Jesus

Church Unscripted | Episode 25


Faith is a powerful force that can bring people together and create a strong sense of community. In Fort Wayne, families are at the heart of this faith-driven community, fostering relationships and engaging in hard conversations that deepen their understanding of Jesus. As we navigate the complexities of family life and the challenges that come with it, we can learn valuable lessons from the speakers in Episode 25 of Church Unscripted. Their insights shed light on the importance of faith, community, and how engaging in hard conversations can strengthen our faith journey.



We should model sacrificial care for others, just as Jesus taught us. It may be exhausting at times, but it aligns with our responsibility to care for one another.

Our language shapes our attitudes. Let's eliminate phrases like 'It's not my responsibility' and replace them with a mindset of taking on responsibility.


Addressing hard conversations within our families can be a stepping stone for spiritual growth. It allows us to explore our individual relationships with Jesus on a deeper level.


Giving children more responsibility in their faith journey can help them take ownership and build a personal connection with Jesus.




  1. 1. How can we create an environment within our families that encourages hard conversations about faith and Jesus?
  2. 2. How have you personally experienced the transformative power of taking on religious responsibility and ownership within your family?
  3. 3. Can you share an example of a difficult conversation you've had about faith that ultimately strengthened your bond with Jesus and your family?
  4. 4. In what ways can the Fort Wayne community foster an atmosphere that supports families in engaging in hard conversations?

By engaging in hard conversations within our homes, we can deepen our understanding of Jesus and strengthen our faith. Through responsibility and ownership, we can build a solid foundation with our kids and inspire them to develop a personal connection with Jesus. As we navigate the challenges of family life, let us remember that communal support and open dialogue are vital for growth and nurturing our faith.




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