How to Overcome Fear While Pursuing Real Intimacy with God.

Faith plays a crucial role in the lives of many individuals and families residing in Fort Wayne. It serves as a foundation for finding strength, fostering valuable connections, and navigating difficult conversations. In this blog post, we delve into the power of faith, the importance of community, and how hard conversations can strengthen families.



"Actions speak louder than words. Leading by example is a powerful way to convey the message of faith to others."


"Studying and actively pursuing a relationship with religious texts fosters a deeper understanding. It's like hungering for nourishment to satisfy one's spiritual growth."


Faith and Building Community

Faith is not simply a personal matter; it has the ability to forge connections within a community. By engaging in hard conversations, we have the opportunity to build bridges, empathize with others, and foster a sense of belonging. Fort Wayne, with its diverse community, offers a unique space for these conversations to take place within the context of faith.


Hard Conversations at Home

Hard conversations can be transformative within the familial setting. By incorporating faith into these discussions, we create an environment where honesty, understanding, and love can flourish. Our homes have the potential to become nurturing spaces where family members can support and encourage one another through these challenging dialogues.


Discussion Questions

  1. 1. How can we find a careful balance when sharing scripture with others?
  2. 2. Do you agree that actions speak louder than words when it comes to conveying a spiritual message? Why or why not?
  3. 3. How do you actively pursue a relationship with The Word? What are some strategies you use to "devour" and "hunger" for the Word of God?
  4. 4. Have you ever read the Bible multiple times and found new perspectives each time? Share a specific example of how the depth and richness of the text have impacted your understanding.
  5. 5. Do you believe that exposure to the Word of God should inspire personal change? Why or why not? How have you personally been challenged to make changes in your own life through scripture?
  6. 6. Have you ever been afraid to go deeper or be more intimate with God? What are some barriers that prevent people from diving deeper into a relationship with God?
  7. 7. How can we find a balance between sacrificially serving others and taking care of ourselves to prevent burnout, especially in the context of leadership?
  8. 8. How intentional are you with the time you spend with your family, especially when it comes to discussing matters of faith? Are there specific moments like the ones mentioned (first three minutes after waking up, three minutes before bedtime, three minutes at a meal) that you could use to engage in meaningful conversations with your loved ones?
  9. 9. How does incorporating scripture into your home and family life impact your relationships and overall atmosphere? Share any practices or routines you have developed in your own household.
  10. 10. Have you ever questioned certain aspects of worship practices or felt conflicted about how you express your worship? How can we shift the focus from outward expressions to maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus during worship?


By embracing faith, fostering community, and engaging in hard conversations, Fort Wayne homes have the opportunity to flourish and become pillars of strength and love within the larger community. Let us strive to create spaces where the teachings of Jesus are exemplified and where difficult conversations are seen as opportunities for growth and understanding.




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