Leading Your Kids Through Difficult Conversations

Church Unsripted | Episode 24


Faith is an integral part of our lives, providing strength, guidance, and a sense of community. In this episode of Church Unscripted our pastors discussed these important topics, shedding light on the challenges faced by families and the importance of Jesus-centered discussions. Join us as we explore key insights shared by the speakers.


"Finding a balance between protecting and sheltering our children is a challenge. We need to prepare them to critically think and make their own choices while also instilling in them the moral values and teachings of Jesus."

"Creating a culture of curiosity in kids, where they are encouraged to ask hard questions about complex theological truths, helps them develop a strong foundation of faith."

The shift in influence from parents to peers and university can be daunting for parents sending their children off to college. However, equipping our kids with critical thinking skills and a firm biblical understanding allows them to make wise decisions based on their faith. It is also essential for families to have open dialogues, receive and protect their children, and provide a safe space for recovery and restoration.

"Every moment is a teachable moment, and asking 'why' questions can help us understand our children's emotions and thoughts, fostering curiosity and a godly worldview."

"Receiving our children, even when they make mistakes, and creating an open dialogue is essential. However, balance between love and accountability is crucial to their growth."





  1. 1. How can parents strike a balance between protecting their children and allowing them to explore and grow in their faith?
  2. 2. What strategies can families implement to create a culture of curiosity and encourage hard conversations about theological truths?
  3. 3. How can parents prepare themselves to approach hard conversations, such as exposing children to sexual content, with love and grace rather than anger or disgust?
  4. 4. In what ways can churches and faith communities support families facing challenges, including helping children transition into adulthood while maintaining their faith?


By engaging in these discussions  and seeking God's wisdom, families in can build strong faith communities rooted in love, grace, and a deep connection to Jesus. Together, we can navigate hard conversations, raise strong children, and embrace the power of faith in our homes and communities.





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