Bite Sized Steps to Big Goals

Church Unscripted | Episode 23


Faith communities play a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging and spiritual growth. Within these close-knit communities, hard conversations are necessary for growth, and families are the heart and soul. With Jesus at the center, these communities thrive, supporting each other in times of adversity and celebration. In this episode of Church Unscripted, we'll explore the importance of faith, navigating difficult conversations, strengthening family homes, and the transformative power of Jesus.




Faith and Community:"Men should remind themselves to thank their wives, instead of waiting for their wives to remind them." 


"Pursuing a vision entails costs that we may initially overlook or forget. Discretion is an important virtue that is undervalued in contemporary culture." 


Hard Conversations and Family Homes:"Fear holds people back from pursuing their vision and dreams. Lack of desire to wait for clarity on their vision. Regret is common for those who didn't pursue their dreams out of fear."


"Satan opposes anyone who tries to implement a Jesus-centered vision into their life and family. Implementing a God-given vision starts the spiritual opposition, which could also affect families and kids."


The Transforming Power of Jesus:"Change and growth, like in the story of Nehemiah, takes time and doesn't happen overnight. The speaker questions whether our giving up too quickly is due to unrealistic expectations."


"It takes more like 63 days to change a habit, but pop psychology used to say it only takes 28 days. People who expected to leave POW camps quickly lost resilience and struggled the most, while those who didn't know when they would leave survived by being disciplined."



  1. 1. How can we better express gratitude within our families and communities?
  2. 2. How can we navigate hard conversations with grace and understanding, while still upholding our faith-based beliefs?
  3. 3. In what ways can we create Jesus-centered homes that empower and strengthen our families?
  4. 4. How can a realistic timeline for change and growth in our lives impact our ability to persevere and stay committed to our visions?


Building a strong faith community requires faith, open dialogue through hard conversations, and nurturing family homes centered around Jesus' teachings. By navigating difficult conversations with grace and empathy, we can strengthen the bonds within our communities. Let us embrace the transforming power of Jesus and hold steadfast to our visions, allowing His timing to guide us as we build a thriving faith community in Fort Wayne.




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